Our Company

  • Smart Warehouses

    Mirage has 4 high capacity warehouses strategically located, totaling more than 250,000 units stored.

    To meet the immediate needs of our clients, 60,000 units are kept in stock at all times and in high season, inventory is increased to 250,000.

    Your own Warehouse

    All orders are shipped in a maximum of 48 hours, becoming the warehouse of our clients.

    The technological tools used allow us to ensure that shipments are loaded in an efficient and timely manner.

    Advanced Technology

    Loading equipment has special attachments that prevent damage to equipment, in addition to highly qualified personnel to perform these operations.

  • 1984

    MIRAGE was born in order to be leaders in the industry of Air Conditioning, featuring the best products, quality and services.


    MIRAGE is established as a company in Mexico, distributing in the states of Sonora and Sinaloa.


    MIRAGE’s corporate offices based in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora are inaugurated.


    Mirage’s growth spreads across the Northwest of the country, covering the states of Sonora, Sinaloa and Baja California Norte / Sur.


    The 2nd distribution center in Mexicali, BC was established, exponentially increasing the productivity of the company, through the use of technology in their logistics operation and management.


    MIRAGE expands its nationwide operation, opening four additional distribution centers in Hermosillo, Culiacan, Monterrey and Veracruz, in order to supply major markets.


    Mirage continues to expand exponentially, opening six more distribution centers in Los Cabos, Los Mochis, Mazatlan, Reynosa, Cancun and Guadalajara, allowing MIRAGE to strengthen as a company with the most robust and comprehensive distribution network in Mexico.


    MIRAGE is called “Little Big Giant” in the air conditioning industry in Mexico and became the # 1 leader in sales of Energy Savings Program ASI-FID.


    MIRAGE consolidates its marketing strategy, expanding and extending its robust operation and distribution centers nationwide.


    MIRAGE manages to be the pioneer and only brand to today certified ISO 9001/2000, implementing a quality system of global recognition that allows better control of the sales process, after sales service and warranty.


    MIRAGE enters major retail chains in Mexico with a resounding success, becoming the #1 and Walmart exclusive.


    The company is showing sustained growth and sets new standards before the competition, achieving over 54% interest in the Mini Splits that entered the market.


    It was a difficult year for the industry, however MIRAGE grew about 40% and began planning its expansion into new markets.


    MIRAGE continues with a powerful presence throughout the national market and residential sales channels, an incredible exponential growth rate and more than 1,500,000 units installed. This year, reaffirms its commitment to continuous improvement and quality, obtaining certification in ISO 9001 version 2008.


    MIRAGE is shaping up to have operations in other markets outside of Mexico, an extraordinary demand markets with quality products.